The Re-emergence of She

I have returned, loyal followers.....and look who has joined me!

Months have passed since my last post, and my beautiful baby has finally arrived.....in November, LOL. I could apologize for not posting NUFFIN' at all, but honestly, there was not a lot of hair anything going on. So I figured I was doing us a favor by not boring us to death with, "Well, I did absolutely nothing to my hair this week..." :)

Malia was born 11/20/09 @ 10:49 PM, just two days after my birthday. Oh, how I wished she would come on my birthday and be the best gift ever, but she decided to have her own day. Greg and I worked together and brought her into the world naturally and with overflowing love.

The day after Malia was born
At the time of her birth, I had another sew-in, and I'm so glad I did. After our dear daughter's arrival, there was no time for twists, heat caps, or detangling. Period. I'd somehow forgotten how newborns require every minute of concentration you have, conscious or semi-conscious. Zzzzzzzz.... Silly me.

She loves bathtime. Hey, there!

Giggly Malia! Napping with Daddy
And here I am, rocking this same old ponytail because it's the only style I can throw together in seconds. I have reached a critical milestone in my natural development-a nappy plateau, if you will. What, oh what, to do? Guess I need to hit up some Fotki albums and pay 'Ini a visit as well...
The same old, same old...

Wish me luck and leave your suggestions. Thanks for reading my blog! :)


Simply sewn-in!

I see a bump!

Hi everyone!

Summer is in full effect here in St. Louis, and I've opted for an easier-to-manage style--the sew-in. For those who may not know, a sew-in is a hairstyle that is achieved by attaching extensions to your own hair with thread. I love rocking this style because I can wear any type of extension: straight, curly, wavy, whatever! And since my hair is tucked away beneath the tracks, daily damage to my hair is non-existent. I could even wear a completely different color without having chemicals strip my hair.

Here is a breakdown of the sew-in process:
1) Start with clean, conditioned hair. I make sure to do a deep condition before getting a sew-in, because it will be about a month or two before I'll be able to do it again.
2) The stylist will begin by parting and cornrowing your hair. The braids can be straight to the back or in a pattern that will accentuate the type of extensions you've selected.
3) Next, the extensions will be cut to fit your scalp and sewn in with thread using a simple stitch. The stitch will begin under your braids, then come over the track and repeated to secure it in place. A needle shaped like the letter "C" prevents any injuries. (Usually, the thread and needle can both be purchased at the beauty supply where you get your hair.) This continues until all of your hair is covered.

Can you see the braids?

4) The stylist finishes by applying any necessary finishing touches (an extra stitch here, a quick snip there) and styling the extensions. Top it off with oil sheen and you're good to go!

My daily hair routine is abbreviated by half the time. I just flatiron the tracks and comb it into place. The only product I'm using right now is ORS Olive Oil Sheen. I bought human hair, which is more durable, withstands high heat, and stays looking great, longer.

In the morning, about to flatiron the 'do. My bangs are clipped out of the way until the end.

There are some downsides, aren't there always? As with most styles involving extensions, there is some tightness to be expected. This time, the discomfort lasted about a week before the tracks loosened up a bit. And the itching, ooohwee! I combat this by spraying oil sheen onto my scalp or using alcohol soaked cotton swabs for the really itchy spots. The last unfavorable about this style is that washing or rinsing is not recommended. Wet this style at your own risk! Washing may result in tangled, dull extensions and loosened stitches. Swimming may result in the same effect.

Readers, what has been your experience with this style?



Hello beautiful nappies! Hope you are well! I have lots of good news and
updates to share....where, oh, where to begin....

I'll start here-OBAMA! Even though he was officially announced the
Democratic nominee days ago, I'm still super-amped. Its just
unbelievable to me-I never would have thought I would have seen a Black
man so close to presidency in my lifetime. God bless him and this

On to more good news. I am 17 weeks pregnant! My boyfriend, Greg, and I
are expecting a baby in November. My OB says he's 80% sure its a girl
(hey Shanon, he's the best!), and if so, she will be our little Malia
Gisele. I get so lost in my daydreams of sweet little curls, braids,
twists, and puffs. I can't wait 'til she's here! :)

Looks like a "yes" to me...

Our baby @ 7 weeks

Greg and I celebrated an anniversary in April, and I had the cutest 'do!
I did twists in the back with flat twists rolled into a half-bun on top,
secured with a decorative clip. My sweetie treated me to a professional
photo shoot followed by dinner at the Melting Pot, yum!

Love this 'do!

Me and the boyfriend, can you see him peeking while he's driving?

I also experimented with new eyeshadow colors that turned out wonderful!
I usually stick to neutral colors, and I really didn't think these
colors would work for me. But whaddya know, I loved how my makeup turned
out. A really special look for a really special day. Thanks, hun!

I love these colors!

Last week, I noticed my ends were very knotty and detangling in the
shower was taking way too long. Time for a trim. I put my hair in 16
twists and took off about ½ an inch. I thought it was kinda neat how the
ends puffed out into little pom poms! Took about an hour from beginning to end.

The photo below reminds me of the kid from Kriss Kross....

Have good days!
The Trotter is bright (:Þ)


4.15.08 Afro Pix

Recent shots. I love my puff!

Happy birthday, Uncle Mark!

Hope everyone got their taxes done and out of the way!

The Trotter is bright (:Þ)

Another Beauty Supply Discovery

A new beauty supply opened near my home and I couldn't resist. I noticed
right off that this wasn't your typical beauty supply. Mainly because
there was an African-American woman behind the register. Wasn't
expecting that. Here in St. Louis, the majority of beauty supplies are
owned and operated by Asians. Anyway....I took my time and went down
each aisle, taking in this particular store's inventory. There were your
usual staples: texturizers, relaxers, jars of grease, tubs of gel, etc.,
in abundance. This store was pretty dang big. And, oh, the weave! I
might consider this to be a synthetic hair emporium, becuase this joint
had all kinds. I considered a few different sew-in offerings, I might be
rocking this kind of style as the months drag on.......hint :)

So, I'm going down the aisles, looking like this: pick up a container,
read the front label, read the back label, find P/MO
(petroleum/petrolatum/mineral oil/paraffinum liquidum) or another
undesirable additive, put the container down. Initially, it was
frustrating to discover that the majority of products contained P/MO,
especially since it 86'd most of my former favorite products. I quickly
became pleasantly accustomed to the healthy shine my hair took on when I
used products lacking these ingredients. And did I mention my dandruff
vanished? Completely.

Moving on. I get excited when I think I've found a new, promising
product with no P/MO. Imagine my excitement when I saw, in the distance,
a product that screamed "NO PETROLATUM/MINERAL OIL"!

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

What! I grabbed it off the shelf, smiling at the huge sticker on the top
promising me good, natural moisture. This product appeared to have
organic ingredients with nappies in mind. Amazing! Finally, someone
realized that there is a market of consumers that are conscientious of
their product's contents! I proceed to the back label to see what
goodies are held in my hand. Natural oils, yes! Vitamin B, yes!
Paraffinum liquidum, ye-what?

This may be too small, but the truth is in the fine print...

Yep. I was bamboozled. Hoodwinked. Led on a wild goose chase! They got
me, ya'll, and good. There in plain sight is paraffinum liquidum, just
another name for good ole' mineral oil. And to make it worse, "mineral
oil" was in parentheses right next to the pseudonym. So not only was I
tricked, I was lied to. Oh well, back to shelf it goes. I couldn't be
too mad, because its not like I actually used the product. The most
justifiable action is to simply not buy the product. I'm thinking maybe
they should come up with a more honest, straightforward marketing

Would anyone like to share their own ingredient no-nos? Leave a comment

Which brings me to my next product observation. This one in particular
caught my eye because it was so dang cheesy.

Real smooth.....yeah, that's it.

"It's A Black Thang" texturizer line. Shaking my head. Afrocentric color
scheme, ultra-"down" brotha models, emphasis on the "a" in "thang".
Here's a slogan for you, free of charge. "When it's time to get those
napps in check, use 'It's A Black Thang' texturizers-because only we
know how to contradict you right!". Ugh. I'm just gonna leave that

Until next time, have good days.
The Trotter is bright (:Þ)


Strange Marketing Ploys

I wonder why the huge mark-down?

I was browsing a beauty supply one evening when I came across two of the
most unusual products I've ever encountered. Well, I'd found a
color-laxer (wha...?) and a package of hair, but that isn't the strange
part. The weirdness of the products was how they caught my eye.

The first was the color-laxer, a product that apparently straightens and
colors the hair simultaneously. I'd never heard of a product like this
before, has anyone else? Regardless, I definitely didn't feel the urge
to try this one! I can only imagine the wallop of damage this could do
to the hair...

The second product was a package of hair specifically for sewn-in styles
by the name of M.O.M. Hair. No biggie yet, right? Upon further
inspection, the packaging bears an illustration of an African-American
woman doing a girl's hair, pressing it maybe? The particular type of
hair on the package in the photo below is called "Oprah". Oh really? I
suppose when I'm perusing the aisles for a pack of weave that I'm apt to
reminisce on the days that Auntie fired up the pressing comb to give me
that straight and silky look. Yeah right, this package just made me
shake my head. Whatever.

Thanx for reading my blog!

The Trotter is bright (:Þ)


Random Animals and Cheezburgers

Me, in the morning.....
funny pictures

I'm a pretty goofy person, and I need to get my daily laugh fix from my favorite silly-site, I Can Has Cheezburger? . The site is very simple: chuckle-worthy photos of animals, mainly cats, with clever captions to boot. There is even an adapted "lolspeak" that generalizes how cats or animals would sound if they could talk. I check the site every day for new pictures (or "lols"), just for giggles. Good way to waste time online.

Since T-Bird is oh-so-photogenic, you know I had to make a lol just for him. I made a few for some funny dogs that have crossed my path as well.

T-Bird is computer literate, notsomuch in English.....
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

They're.....catching, Jasmine....
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

How about we try a blow dryer, then?
funny pictures
moar funny pictures